How to change Android´s IMEI number, both with and without root

If you want to know how to change the IMEI number of your Android Device, with or without root, you can find all the information you want in this thorough guide.

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But, before beginning, let´s define two key concepts which we hear often, and which are the key topic of this article: Root and IMEI.

What is root and rooting?

Let´s see what does the term root and rooting mean in an Android device for those of our readers that are not familiarized with this word.

When someone does any procedure in an Android device as a root, it means that the user can have access to the operating system with administrator privileges.

In other words, the user can make changes to the software´s code of the device, which will give them access to the system´s configuration to make changes and execute specialized software.

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What is an IMEI address?

IMEI is an acronym that means International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the identification number that the manufacturer gives to a device, which is unique and it is useful for warranty purposes, technical support, being able to be blocked in case of being stolen, or to request a carrier change.

Why is the IMEI address so important?

Your Android smartphone´s IMEI address is also related to the device´s security.

In case that the device is stolen, you need to report it and give the number to the authorities and the carrier so that they can block it and make the appropriate follow-up.

It is also important to know the device´s IMEI address number to reset it in case that it gets deleted while modifying a custom ROM file (a file of the operating system) or something similar.

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We know that the users have different needs and preferences, which is why we have created this guide with all the information that you will need.

In it, you will find how to change the IMEI number in an Android device both with and without root, so that you can choose which method is the most convenient for you in your case.

These methods will also be useful to reset the original IMEI number, in case that it gets changed due to an error in your device´s configuration.

Pros and cons of changing an IMEI number

Before continuing with this guide on how to change the IMEI number, let´s see the pros and cons of making such an operation in an Android device.


1. If you think that you´re being spied on, change your IMEI frequently. This way, you may eliminate your tracks, so that people can´t keep spying on you.
2. Changing the IMEI number can fix some errors that may come from lost or invalid IMEI numbers, so that you can recover the functions and features of the device.
3. If you have an old device, you can reactivate update support for it by changing the IMEI number.


In some countries, it can be illegal to change a device´s IMEI. We suggest you that you check if this is the case in your country.

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1. If you change the device´s IMEI number, you run the risk of causing some damage to the operating system.
2. Changing the IMEI number will cause your warranty to expire, and you will be unable to get any services from your carrier and the device´s manufacturer.
3. Finally, in case that your device gets lost, it will be difficult to report it. Also, the authorities will be unable to verify if the device is really yours.

change IMEI number with code

Methods to change or reset an IMEI number in Android without root

Below, you will find two methods to change the IMEI of an Android device without root, so that you can choose an option that fits your preferences and needs.

Method 1: Engineer mode without root

This method is valid for both changing and resetting the original IMEI number of the device.

Before making any procedure, check whether your device has a working IMEI address or not.

To do this, dial *#06#. Then, in your screen, all of your device´s available IMEI addresses will be shown, which depend on the number of SIM cards inserted on your device.


change IMEI number


If an error message appears, this will mean that you need to reset the original number or change it so that your device works properly.

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If you want to reset your IMEI number back to the default one, then we would recommend you the following procedure that does not require using any kind of root, but it does allow you to have access to the system´s engineer mode.

Just follow these steps:

1. Open your phone´s keyboard, and dial the following number: *#*#3646633#*#*
2. The engineer mode´s menu will appear, which is normally hidden.
3. Slide the screen towards the right, and select the tab “connectivity”.
4. Choose the option “CDS Information”.
5. Then, choose “Radio Information”.


change IMEI number in engineer mode

1. On the following screen, the word “Phone 1” will appear. You need to click this option. If the device has two SIM card slots, you will also see “Phone 2”, and you will have to repeat the same procedure for “Phone 2”.
2. Afterwards, a screen with the text “Alt+” will appear.
3. Add the letter “E”, so that the word now becomes “Alt+E”.
4. Immediately afterwards, a list of options will appear. Choose the first option, which is “Alt+EGMR”1,7,”
5. On the space where the two repeated quotation marks appear, you must first write your device´s original IMEI number, which can be found on its box, or behind the device´s battery.
6. Then, you must click the “SEND AT COMMAND” button. You will find a confirmation message that the command has been sent.
7. Now, the only step remaining is to exit engineer mode, and reboot the device.


change IMEI code in engineer mode

We recommend that you make a phone call to verify that the phone works properly.

If your device does not open engineer mode after you type the aforementioned code, you could try using the MTK Engineer Mode expansion, which is available on the Google Play store, and follow the steps that were previously explained.

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Second method to change the IMEI number in Android: Using the Quick Shortcut Maker App

Before beginning the process, you need to have beforehand the new IMEI number or numbers (in case that your phone has two SIM card slots).

It is recommended that you type the numbers on a notepad app on your phone to make the process easier.

These IMEI numbers could be from phones that you are no longer using or that have stopped working. Next, follow these steps:

1. Download the app Quick Shortcut Maker:
2. Then, enter the app.
3. On the tab “activities”, move towards the bottom part of the screen, and you will find an option called “PRIZE IMEI”. Select it.
4. On the following screen, select the option “try”.
5. Go to your notepad, and copy the IMEI address to insert it on the following screen. If the device has two SIM card slots, repeat this step one more time.


App for IMEI number change

6. Then, you must click each IMEI number, and click “accept”.
7. Finally, you must reboot the device.
8. Check the new IMEI numbers by dialing the code *#06#. Now, the screen should show the new number. (In this example, the device has two SIM card slots.)


App to change IMEI

Methods to change an IMEI number on Android using root

To change the IMEI number in Android suing root, the device requires to have a special app that allows access to the operating system, and that also allows access to another app to modify this information.

There are many apps to do this. The best app for you will depend mainly on if you are willing to modify your device, and the functions that you wish to install, which will depend on your preferences and needs.

Here, we will present you King Root, which is one of the highest rated apps on the internet to do this, since it makes rooting a mobile phone as easy as clicking an item.

This app also may clean your Android device from any malware, which is very important since it is highly likely that you get infected by it if you want to root your mobile phone.


change IMEI code in a rooted device

King Root features

  • The APK supports a wide variety of Android versions.
  • It has a file notification system.
  • You can uninstall bloatware, that is, software that occupies storage space without bringing any usefulness or benefit.
  • It helps in speeding up your phone.
  • It offers a system to improve your device´s performance known as deep purification.

Pros of using the King Root App


• It offers access to root-only applications.
• It helps your device to save its battery´s energy.
• It is compatible with a wide variety of devices with the Android operating system.
• You get administrator permission when you install the app.
• You have the possibility of customizing it according to your preferences and needs.
• It has an intuitive interface, which is quick and easy to use.


• Rotting your device will eliminate the warranty given by the manufacturer.
• This app installs its own operating system manager, which could be bothersome if you are used to using a specific operating system manager.

Installing and using King Root for rooting your Android phone to easily change an IMEI number

So the following steps to install King Root in your mobile phone, so that you can easily change the IMEI afterwards:

1. Download the APK from King Root´s official website here
2. Install the application. Remember that you need to activate the option to allow installing apps from unknown sources in your phone´s security settings, since this application is not available on Google Play´s store.
3. Once installed, open the app and press the “try rooting” button to begin the process.
4. Wait for the application to identify the device, and begin the rooting process.
5. It is suggested that you do not turn off your device during the time that the rooting takes place.
6. Once the process ends, you will see in your screen a message indicating that the procedure was successful.


king root

In case that the procedure is not successful, do not panic. There is still an option. King Root also has a PC version, which you can download on the same webpage from the official developers.

The only limitation is that the Windows version is in Chinese, but it is still quite intuitive. So, we think that you could easily understand how to use it.
Also, we will explain to you set-by-step how to use it:

1. Download Windows version of the app in your PC from King Root´s official website here:
2. Enable the USB connection mode on your mobile phone, and connect it to a PC via a USB cable.
3. Make sure that the phone´s battery is at least at 60%.
4. Open the installed app on your PC.
5. Then, you must click the button “begin rooting”.
6. Wait while the process runs. The screen will show that the rooting has begun.
7. Later, you will see a notification that the process has ended, and it will recommend you other apps.


king root pc

These are the download links for the Android and Windows versions of the King Root app:



Now that the mobile phone is rooted, you can continue with the process of changing the IMEI number in your Android device, which will be explained in the following section.

Apps to change the IMEI number in Android with root

The Terminal Emulator for Android app , which is available on Google Play´s store, will allow you to change the IMEI number in Android using root.

In other words, if you had previously done the procedure explained in the previous section, you are ready for this step.

So, remember to have the number that you wish to dial on the device jotted down, and follow these steps:

1. Download the Terminal Emulator for Android app here:
2. Open the app, and type the following command: echo´AT+ AT+EGMR=1,7,””.
3. Type the new IMEI number inside the quotation marks.
4. Lastly, paste the following code: “>/dev/pttycmd1”.
5. After this, you will have to reboot your device, and you will be done. You have just changed the IMEI of your Android.

IMEI Android rooting

Other Apps to change the IMEI number using root

Below, you will see other two apps that will help you change the IMEI number with a rooted system.


Step-by-step guide:

Once you have downloaded both Xposed Installer APK and Xposed IMEI Changer, do the following steps:

1. Dial in your phone´s keyboard the code * # 06 # to visualize the current IMEI. Then, jot them down in a notepad.
2. Run the IMEI Changer App setup in your mobile phone.
3. Now, open Xposed Installer APK, and check its settings.
4. Click on the IMEI Changer App verification item box.
5. It is time to reboot your device.
6. Once you have rebooted the mobile phone, open the IMEI Changer app.
7. There, you will see the current IMEI number.
8. To change it, you need to click on the “IMEI” checkbox.
9. Dial the new number, and press the key “apply changes”.
10. Reboot once again the device.
11. To verify that the change has been made, dial once again * # 06 #. You will see the updated IMEI number.

Other apps to root Android devices that may be of your interest

Below, you will see a list of specialized apps, other than King Root, to root Android devices:

ROM Toolbox Lite

Quick Reboot – #1 phone & tablet reboot manager


Root Checker

Titanium Backup ★ root needed

FontFix (Gratis) para Superusuario

Flashify (for root users)

Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

All of these apps are available on Google Play´s store. We hope that you enjoy them.


In this article, we learned important concepts before deciding to change the IMEI from an Android device.

The most important terms: What is root and rooting, and what is an IMEI address.

We also learned the main pros and cons of changing the IMEI number on an Android device.

We learned many ways to reset or change the IMEI number with or without root, such as with the King Root app.

And we learned the best reviewed apps on the internet to root an Android device and to change its IMEI.

We hope that all of this information becomes quite useful for you, and that you can change the IMEI in your Android device using any of the methods, procedures, and applications explained above.

We wish you good luck. We hope that you have a good day and that you share this information with other people so that they can learn how to change the IMEI number on Android, both with and without using root.

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