How to legally obtain free ROBUX in Roblox’s world

Since its creation in 2006, Roblox’s gaming platform has become into a game loved by thousands pf fans, artists, creators, instructors, developers, and videogame addicts.

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However, there is an element that we need to maximize our enjoyment with the game: ROBUX.

And we all want to know how to obtain free ROBUX.

What is it, and why should we care about obtaining free ROBUX?

Well, ROBUX is the unit of currency used within Roblox. With the high number of options and original games created by Roblox’s users themselves, it is almost impossible to get bored on this platform.

There, we could create our own games or find and enjoy the creations of highly talented users. Best of all, you can use this app in its entirety for free. However, you need to use the unit of currency that is used there, which is why we want to know how to obtain free ROBUX.

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The importance of being able to obtain free ROBUX within the game

Without it, we can’t buy the crafting materials, tools, accessories nor the scripts that we need to build the things that we will surely come up with. In fact, there is a catalogue where you can get anything within Roblox’s world. Entering there without ROBUX is like going to a mall without bringing any money. Therefore, we are interested in discovering ways of obtaining free ROBUX.

It’s true that you’ll be able to enjoy the game without any money, but, if you start to realize in the amount of things that you’re missing out for not having any ROBUX, you may start to crave them even more. Pay attention below to some of the important things within Roblox where you’ll need to have this currency in order to buy them.

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Some of ROBUX’s uses

If you enter the app and create your own custom game, you will surely want to show it to others so that they see it and feel attracted to your creation. To use ads to make it known, you need to pay 10 ROBUX (R$.) To have fun, you may also want to play some of the premium custom games. These games have their own price.

Likewise, those who have a group or community with ROBUX know that they have something of importance. To give a rank and category to your group, you will need to pay 26 ROBUX. Additionally, to add an emblem to your game, which will make it more visible to others, you will want to pay its price of 100 ROBUX.

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How to get free ROBUX

We have many options. We could enter and see the others enjoy themselves. People who don’t mind spending the money that they make in real life may end up buying custom games. Of course, getting free ROBUX is the best option. How can we obtain ROBUX this way, and without needing to use illegal methods?

Obtaining free ROBUX via PointsPrizes

The well-known website PointsPrizes is one of the sites known as “reward websites,” which have been created so that we could generate any amount of money or products from almost from scratch. These sites may not be the most profitable way of making real life money, but they are one of the most used methods of making virtual currency. Consequently, they are ideal for obtaining free ROBUX.

How to use this app

Once you sign up, the software asks you to do some simple tasks that will reward you. If you can complete said tasks, and if you do them well, the software will pay you with points. After you accumulate a certain number of points, you will be able to exchange them for ROBUX or any other virtual currency of your choice.

There’s a wide range of tasks that you could do, including filling in forms, completing surveys, using interactive ads, etc. You could also give out your email address to receive publicity, which will reward you with free ROBUX. This business strategy makes a lot of sense since firms won’t have to pay for a marketing agent. Instead, they can pay the person seeing the advertisement directly.

Other ways of making ROBUX using PointsPrizes

Another way in which PointsPrizes helps you get points is by suggesting you to download certain apps. Then, you should use these apps, get to know them and, finally, share your experience using them with others in order to obtain your points.

Yet another way of receiving compensation on this website is by recommending it to others. If you convince your friends to download and use PointsPrizes, you will receive 10% of the winnings that they make by doing the exact same thing as you. This way, you will obtain your ROBUX without moving an inch.

Builders Club Market within Roblox to obtain free ROBUX

This option will be useful to you once you have more experience using the app. Within Roblox, there is a complex commerce network to carry out the different tasks on the platform.

Just like in the real world, those who build over empty lands could find some treasure. In fact, members of the Builders Club receive treasure that possess a determinate value.

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These treasures are collectible items that, eventually, will serve as a tool or accessory that helps any other member in any construction process that they may be carrying out. As you could imagine, it is possible to profit from this item by offering it to said builder, or by selling it on the market.

The option of buying and selling

You could also sell at a higher price the items that you have purchased at a cheaper price during good sales that tend to show up whenever you bump into someone that wants to buy something in a hurry. Yes. An entire marketplace is running in Roblox!

To become a member of this crowded activity, you need to have paid a membership of any kind. This will grant you access to Builders Club, the builder’s association of Roblox. Said members receive revenue frequently from either their creations or simply by having the membership.

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Working for Roblox is another way of getting free ROBUX

This way of obtaining revenue will require you to have skills to work within Roblox’s virtual platform. Of course, as you acquire experience, you will become more and more skilled, more demanded, and you will win more virtual money.

There are many ways of working in Roblox and, consequently, obtaining the benefits of doing it. Below, we will show you the multiple ways of doing it.

Work for Roblox by creating your own items for sale

In Roblox, you have the option of creating your own accessories and putting them for sale. You could dedicate your time to show your creativity by making shirts, trousers, hats, and other accessories to fill up your own store. Yes! Just like in the real world.

Of course, if you want your creations to stand out in the middle of the huge number of works of art made by other members, some effort, talent, and love for art will be required. Once again, just like in the real world. As we had previously mentioned above, you may be interested in paying for ads to promote it.

Participate in script creation

There are users that enter in Roblox to undertake projects as developers. If you are talented in programming, you will surely find your way through the script market. These are structured orders that you could sell or rent, and they will most likely be useful to more than one builder to help them build faster.

A script is basically a series of commands structured so that they carry out a task within Roblox. These tasks include moving objects, pile up blocks, among other things. If you are taking too long in completing your projects since they require too many steps, you will most likely save time by using scripts.

How will you receive your payment for your services?

Depending on the type of business that you’re carrying out, you could receive a payment for the entirety of a project. There’s also the option, if you and your client agree to it, of receiving a commission in the form of a percentage of the earnings that your finished project will generate to your client.

If either coding or designing is your passion, you will gain recognition within the community, and they will pay you a good salary so that you develop projects for those that prefer paying over developing, in one way or another, to earn their free ROBUX.


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Obtain a Builders Club membership

A simple, yet not free, way of obtaining this virtual currency is by buying a membership. Of course, paying in order to obtain money is not a solution for people with no money. But it is still good to keep in mind this option in case that an opportunity to invest to obtain social benefits and prestige arises.

Membership ranks within Roblox’s Builders Club

In Roblox’s platform, there are many different membership ranks. The lowest of all the membership ranks is Classic Membership. One of the ranks above this one is Turbo Member. Finally, we have Outrageous Member (which, ironically, is one of the best membership ranks.)

Maintaining any of these ranks requires a monthly fee. The Classic Membership has a cost of $5.95 per month. To belong to the Turbo Membership, you need to pay $11.95 per month. And to acquire the Outrageous Rank, you need to pay $19.95 every month. It may sound expensive, but buying this membership is not a loss nor a waste of any kind.

The benefits of memberships

Those that obtain a membership receive a monthly amount of ROBUX, which will allow them to easily do whatever they please in the game. These members will receive a daily amount of 15, 35 and 60 ROBUX for the Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous ranks respectively.

Besides this fixed ROBUX fee, these VIP players enjoy other benefits of prohibitive costs for those that play the game with no membership.

Learn by playing

In Roblox, the point isn’t to spend all your money until you go bankrupt, like it happens with gambling addicts. Playing responsibly in Roblox is possible if we put into practice any of the multiple methods offered to us of investing in this game.

As you have seen here, or as you would see whenever you start the app, it is possible to invest your time and resources in a way that, in the future, you could create your own business.

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