Secret codes in Android

What are Android secret codes? As a simple definition, they are characters that execute commands within the smartphone. These are supposed to be secret codes. But they are becoming more and more popular.

What’s the cause for this? Their popularity comes from the fact that, thanks to these codes, we can find out relevant information about the mobile phone or … Sigue leyendo

How do I turn my Android into a WiFi repeater?

How do I turn my Android into a WiFi repeater? (with / without root)

Keeping all of our devices connected is becoming more and more essential.
In an environment full of technology and innovation, having a space with excellent wi-fi signal is an invaluable advantage whenever spaces for work or leisure need to be assigned.

One of the biggest barriers for routers is their signal range since, depending on their price and characteristics, it … Sigue leyendo

Download Whatsapp Plus

Nowadays, it is very easy to communicate with a telephone, so most people use text message apps that help them send messages to others in a quick and easy way. One of the best apps is WhatsApp Plus, and enhanced version of WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy all of the wonderful functionalities of the app, but you … Sigue leyendo