How do I turn my Android into a WiFi repeater?

Keeping all of our devices connected is becoming more and more essential.
In an environment full of technology and innovation, having a space with excellent wi-fi signal is an invaluable advantage whenever spaces for work or leisure need to be assigned.

One of the biggest barriers for routers is their signal range since, depending on their price and characteristics, it allows them to offer a wide and high-quality signal, as well as being able to offer a stable connection.

To put an internet system on a specific area, considering that the system’s performance is able to offer the desired performance, there are many factors to evaluate, such as the area that needs coverage, which is one of the most important factors.

On many occasions, our Wi-Fi device is not powerful enough to cover every nook and cranny of our home, office or any other place of interest.
This is why we should consider the idea of using one of our electronic devices as a Wi-Fi repeater. And what could be a better option than using our smartphone for this task.

Can a cell phone device be used as a Wi-Fi repeater?

Many may wonder the effectiveness of this method, if it’s necessary to use other programs, if it is absolutely necessary to root the device, and if all mobile devices are capable of using these features. The answer for all of these questions will be shown to you below.

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Se puede usar un dispositivo móvil como repetidor wifi

Using your mobile device as a wireless connection repeater will save you money, since you will be able to use your phone, instead of having to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, to cover those areas that are prone to have a connection of low signal. It is important that the phone that you use for this procedure will only be used for this specific purpose whenever your phone us being used as a Wi-Fi repeater.

Using the cell phone as a Wi-Fi repeater without root

This is one of the worries of the users: is it necessary to have a smartphone with root access to be able to use it as a network repeater? Well, it is not necessary. However, keep in mind that rooting opens up many other settings to give a more in-depth configuration to your mobile device.

NetShare + Wifi tether

Usar el celular como repetidor Wifi sin root

This is one of the most famous apps for this purpose since it allows you to have a good connection. It’s been downloaded over 50 thousand times, and it has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from its users. You can obtain it by clicking here

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It is compatible with Android operating systems from version 4.0 and over. Additionally, it is free, light (it only occupies 1.3 megabytes of storage in your Android,) and it’s designed specifically for creating an access point that allows you to expand the connection range of your main Wi-Fi network.

It is very elegant, visually speaking, and its operating language is easy to use. Remember that we recommend you to use the smartphone destined for this task to be specifically used for this purpose because, by doing this, you’ll save battery, which will give you more hours to operate under these conditions.

NetShare+ Wifi tether
NetShare+ Wifi tether
Developer: NetShare Softwares
Price: Free

Step 1

After downloading and installing this app on your device, you need to be connected via Wi-Fi to the main network in which you want to broadcast the connection.

Step 2

When you start running the app, you’ll notice an option with a checkbox labeled “Start Wi-Fi tethering.” You need to check this box to start broadcasting the connection. Then, you will be shown your IP address, the port that it occupies, and the password to have access to the network.

Paso 3

If everything’s been done correctly after finishing this entire procedure, you’ll have two connection modes from now on:

1. Connection for laptops or computers with Wi-Fi network cards

Regardless of the case, you’ll have to access the control panel menu, and then find the network and internet settings. Within them, select Internet Settings, and then Connection Settings. Afterwards, enter into LAN Configuration. Once you’re inside it, you should insert the IP address, the port number displayed on the app, and the password to establish the connection.

2. Connection for mobile devices with the Android operating system

You should enter into the Settings menu. Then, you need to go to the Wi-Fi button. Once you’re inside of it, select the network, type the password, open the Advanced Settings menu, and click on the Manual Proxy box. Then, you will need to configure the manual Proxy with the data displayed by the app: you should insert the IP address in “Proxy’s Host Name”, the Proxy port number included in the app in “Proxy port number” and, lastly, click on “Connect”. You’re all set! You can now enjoy your connection.

NetShare no root tethering

NetShare no root tethering

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This is one of the pioneering apps in this sector, and it is specifically designed to convert your smartphone into a Wi-Fi repeater in the most optimal way. It is available on the Google Play Store, but you need to be aware that it is not entirely free since it only lets you use the app for 10 minutes free-of-charge so that you can try its effectiveness. You can download it by clicking here.

NetShare No Root Tethering has been downloaded over 500 thousand times, and it has a score of 3.9 out of 5 stars. It is quite light. It barely occupies over 1 megabyte of storage. It is compatible with Android versions 4.0 and later.

Step 1

After downloading and installing the app, click the button labeled as “Start Internet Connection.” This will give you an IP address and a port number.

Step 2

To connect laptops or desktop computers, you’ll need to follow the previously mentioned procedure: Control panel > Network and Internet > Internet options > Connection settings > LAN Settings.

To use from mobile devices, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > advanced Settings > Manual Proxy > Proxy’s Host Name > Proxy port > Connect.

After configuring these settings on the devices that you wish to connect to the network, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of using your cell phone as a Wi-Fi repeater without root permissions.

Using a cell phone as a Wi-Fi repeater with root privileges

If you are a user with a rooted device that you wish to use as a connection repeater, we will show you one of the most critically acclaimed apps for this purpose.


Usar celular como repetidor Wifi con root

This app is an APK that is available on the web. It is quite easy to find and install (you can get it here.) Remember that you need to be a root user, since the permissions required by the app can only be obtained as a root user.

Step 1

After downloading and installing fqrouter2, you need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network that you wish to share. Then, open the app, and give it all the permissions that it needs to work properly.

Step 2

Afterwards, find the “Wi-Fi Repeater” box, and press it to activate it.

When we activate Wi-Fi Repeater, we can be certain that we have root access and that our device has the capacity of spreading the Wi-Fi signal.

Step 3

If all of the previous procedures are completed, then a form will appear asking us to fill in the network name and the security password.

You’re done! From now on, you can use your device as a connection repeater.

You could also go to the Settings menu, where you can see all the different options available. In this menu, you could change the name and the network’s password.

It’s good to keep in mind these different procedures to connect to the internet, regardless of whether or not we have a rooted mobile device, since it offers us the possibility of having a practical and low cost tool to keep sharing Wi-Fi signal at home or at work.

You may have an and forgotten old phone, which may have some problems (which could be fixed or not.) Well, this phone could perfectly work as an internet signal repeater. Would you like to try it?

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