How to make free phone calls to a cellphone

Even though a lot of people are used to having internet access at all times, the truth is that not everyone has a data subscription that allows them to keep them connected anywhere.

Even if they had it, there would still be a lot of situations and places in which the internet quality or speed offered by a data subscription is not enough to call others and to communicate in a comfortable and easy way.

Calls made through landlines and mobile phones are still the most stable form of calls, and offer better audio quality than a call made via Wi-Fi or cell phone data. This may change in the future, but, for now, making cell phone calls is still the most reliable way of communicating with your loved ones. Below, you will find the best ways of making free calls to a cell phone.

By using options offered by your service provider

One of the easiest and quickest ways of starting to make free calls to a cell phone is to contact your service provider, be it by either phone or via a website, to know the options offered by them to make free calls.

A lot of service providers and carriers offer a certain amount of free minutes as part of their prepaid and postpaid subscriptions for calls from both cell phones and landlines. Most of the time, you will get free minutes to call to other numbers from the same company, but some offer free calls to any cell phone.

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Some telephone firms offer family subscriptions with different benefits. In these plans, you can share minutes, pay all of your subscriptions by using a single receipt, etc. Some service providers also offer free minutes among the members of a family subscription.

In a similar fashion, some carriers offer prepaid and postpaid plans in which you can add your favorite contacts to a list so that you can call them for free. Usually, you need to register them through your cell phone by calling your service provider or carrier, or by entering on their website. The procedure and conditions to make free calls to your chosen or favorite contacts depends on your provider.

Free calls from cell phone to cell phone

Calling for absolutely free from a cell phone to another is difficult since you usually rely on the fact that a telephone firm offers you their technology to make any kind of call, and this service always has a cost. However, there is an app that may help you if what you are looking for is to make calls to cell phones without any cost.

Rebtel is an innovative app that allows you to make calls from app to app without needing to use a data subscription and without having to be connected to the internet. This app connects your calls to local lines so that you can make free calls to any cell phone, even internationally. Calls through Rebtel are not done from number to number, but from app to app, so that both people need to have the app installed.

Rebtel offers its international call services for a low cost to 43 countries in the world, but calls done from app to app work even if you do not live in any of the countries of that list that have all of the services provided by this company.

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Since calls use local telephone lines, they tend to be stable and offer good quality audio.

If you want to make free calls through Rebtel, download them for free on Android and iOS.

Free calls from the Internet to a cell phone

How to make free phone calls to a cellphone with apps
If you have internet access, but the person whom you’d like to call is using their cell phone without data nor Wi-Fi, there are a pair of tools that you could use.

These tools have certain limitations, but they are absolutely free and they allow you to call a cell phone number directly.

1. Poptox

Poptox is a website that allows you to make free calls to a cell phone from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS directly from your favorite web browser. To use this service, you only need to access Poptox’s website without needing to install any app, software, nor extension. Besides offering free calls to a cell phone, you could also call landline numbers both in the country that you’re living in as well as internationally.

When you access the website, you will find a phone on the landing page. Select the country of the person that you want to call, and then use the dial the number on the buttons that appear on the on-screen pad.

Poptox currently works with over 1000 carriers and in over 50 countries, but it has some limitations. You can only make calls for a limited amount of time, which you will see when you begin your call, and you can only make a limited number of calls per day. However, using Poptox is absolutely free, and you do not have to register nor download anything.

2. VoIPStunt and VoIPBuster

These two websites, as well as similar ones, also offer you the possibility of making free calls to a cell phone from a computer or smartphone with internet, but with certain limitations.

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VoIPStunt and VoIPBuster work in over 20 countries, and you could use their services downloading a program if you have Windows 7 or over, or by simply using your favorite web browser. Both websites offer calls to landlines and mobile phones at low prices, but they also offer free calls for a maximum duration of one minute. To use them, the only thing that you’ll have to do is to register. To make longer calls at low prices, and to enjoy other services offered by these websites you will have to pay.

3. iEvaphone

This website works similarly to Poptox by allowing you to make free calls directly to a cell phone from a web browser. You won’t have to register nor download anything. iEvaphone allows you to make four calls per day for a maximum duration of up to 24 hours from a single IP address.

This firm also offers an app that is available on Android and iOS. The app allows you to buy credit to make calls to cell phones for a price, but, when you install it, you will receive four free tokens that allow you to make free calls to a cell phone.

Free calls if the other person’s cell phone has internet access

make free calls via internet

If the person that you want to call for free has a cell phone with internet connection, be it via Wi-Fi or via a data subscription, you have a lot of options at your disposal.

This is one of the easiest and most used ways of making free calls to cell phones both nationally and internationally. If both people access a public or private Wi-Fi network, the calls will be absolutely free.

Even though you can make calls and video calls by using data, keep in mind that, if you use more data than the ones included in your subscription, your carrier may charge you extra fees.

1. Using a program or app

There are a lot of programs and applications that allow you to share photos, chat, and make calls and video calls through the internet absolutely free. Below, we will show some of the best options:

a) Skype
Skype is one of the leaders and one of the most used programs to make internet calls. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and it is absolutely free. The only thing that you’ll have to is to install the app on any device.

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b) WhatsApp
WhatsApp is yet another of the most used apps with over a thousand million users in over 180 countries. This app allows you to make calls and video calls for absolutely free as long as both people are connected to the internet.

c) Viber
Finally, Viber is another popular app that is absolutely free, which you can use to make free calls on the internet. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

2. Through a web browser

If you want to make free calls via the internet without having to download nor install anything, there are websites that offer calls directly from your web browser. Videolink2, Gruveo and are some of the websites that offer you the option to make calls by creating rooms or conference rooms where you can invite others through private links without needing to exit from your favorite web browser.

Cell phone calls at low prices

Even though there are different ways of making free calls to a cell phone, some are very limited, and others require an internet connection. If you need to make an important call, or if it is something that you know that you’ll need to do frequently, the best thing that you can do is to choose the payment option that better fits to your needs.

Below, we will show you the cheapest options:

1. From the internet to a landline or cell phone

Most websites, apps, and programs mentioned on this article offer very cheap subscriptions or fares to call from a smartphone or computer with internet connection to a landline or cell phone number. Skype and Viber offer very cheap plans that allow you to make calls to any number on any country.

2. From cell phone to cell phone

The Rebtel app offers subscriptions with cheap fares to allow you to call from cell phone to cell phone without internet and without having to go through a carrier nor telephone company.


With or without internet, from a computer to a landline or mobile phone number, and even from cell phone to cell phone, there are a lot of ways to make free calls to a cell phone.

Nowadays, not having an internet connection, a data subscription, nor cell phone minutes does not stop you from connecting with your loved ones in any situation and in any part of the world.

Also, a lot of firms, such as Rebtel and Skype, use the latest technology to compete against cell phone firms to offer you the best fares.

Years ago, mobile phones did not exist, and, to make calls, you needed to call a human carrier. Nowadays, everything that you need to communicate freely, quickly, and easily is the piece of technology that you have on your hand and that you use every day.

We hope that this article had been useful for you. Do you know other ways of making free calls to a cell phone? Have you ever needed to use any of these tips? If you have used any of the methods from this article to make free calls to a cell phone, tell us your experience in the comments.

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