Track Mobile Location From Whatsapp

Do you want to track a cell phone in an effective and efficient way? Would you like a GPS tracker that doesn´t require too many steps to use it? And, would you like to use it without depending on a PC program? Do not worry. We will answer your questions in a simple way and without much hassle.

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In this article, you will learn each step to be able to track a cell phone number through ways that not many people know, but that are effective. So, let´s begin!

Why would I need to know the location of a cell phone?

Currently, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how can I locate a cell phone?” Especially, “how can I do it without for free and without much trouble?” With this knowledge, you would be able to have control over someone, such as a significant other or a child.

Track Mobile Location

The reasons? They could include diverse urgent situations, which would require you to know the place where your loved one is located. For instance, in case that they lose their cell phone and didn’t know how to recover it without using a mobile device.

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What´s important is that you would be able to know the location of your loved one.

Tracking a cell phone via WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp’s platform was the center of a controversy when it was announced that the app allows you to know the place where each person is located.

Although a lot of people felt bad about it, the developers stated that this would be beneficial for many people, such as parents, who are looking for ways to track their children´s activities.

Of course, there are people that have not seen it as a means to protect someone. Instead, they see it as a way to know their significant other´s location due to feelings of jealousy.

Requirements to do the tracking

Before learning the procedure, keep in mind that you need to meet some of the app´s requirements in order to do it. These requirements include:

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  • Having an internet connection, or, if unavailable, cell phone data.
  • Your cell phone should have its GPS turned on.
  • In case that the cell phone to track is turned off, you will only be able to obtain the location results in a maximum of 48 hours later.

Now that you know these facts of great importance, you can now track a cell phone via WhatsApp.

1# From WhatsApp

Keep in mind that any user of this app can share their location information in real time through a map. Also, it can only show a specific single contact or a group, and this option will be turned off by default.

It is worth noting that such feature from this app can only work if both parties fully agree to do this. In other words, you cannot know that location of the other person if they haven´t given you their consent beforehand.

Additionally, this process gives you the opportunity to have control over how long the visibility lasts. In other words, you control the time in which the other person can see your location.

1.1 Steps to do the tracking:

Track Mobile Location From Whatsapp

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the mobile app, and then go to the WhatsApp conversation of your choosing.

Second, press the “attach” button that is located to the side of the “send” button. It is shaped like a clip.

Third, a pop-up menu will appear, in which you will have to select the option “location”.

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Track Mobile Location From Whatsapp

Fourth, you will reach a new window, where you will have to select the option “real-time location”, and choose your preferred time period option (15 minutes, one hour, four hours, or 8 hours.)

Track Mobile Location with apps

Keep in mind that the other person will share their location through WhatsApp during the chosen time period and, once the time is up, their location will become private once again. In case that you do not wish to wait until the time period is finished, you can choose the option “stop sharing”.

2# Via Track Cellphone TR 3

To begin with, you need to have these two apps installed: “Track Cellphone TR3” (which will be discussed later), and WhatsApp.

The first thing to do will be to open WhatsApp, and, on the top right corner of any conversation, you should find a binocular-shaped icon (“new”.)

Second, press that icon, and a map will be immediately opened, in which you will have to search via the GPS the exact point where the desired cellphone could be found. After waiting for a few seconds, the person´s location will be shown.

Keep in mind that such process can be done thanks to the Track Cellphone TR3 app, which scans WhatsApp, and later shows the location in an easy way and without having to open the app directly.

Now, if you wish more information to guide yourself to do this, you can go to this link. In it, you will find a video which explains in more detail the previously mentioned procedure.

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Apps to track cellphones

Currently, a lot of people know that a cellphone can be tracked through apps, but not many know the most effective ones. So, if you´re interested in this topic, pay attention to the following information.

track phone via whats app

1# Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best apps in regards of tracking cellphones, and it is available for iOS and Android.

With this app, you can browse safely through public Wi-Fi networks while protecting your smartphone from network attacks or viruses. At the same time, you can localize another mobile phone from any place. However, you need to be connected to a network.

Likewise, you can save the cellphone´s location before the battery runs out, and gives you alerts in case of a virus attack.

2# Track Cellphone TR3

To track the cellphone of a loved one through this app, you need to download the latest version of Track Cellphone TR3. This is one of the apps that has been considered as one of the best apps in regards of parental control.

It has a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, which has caused many businesses dedicated to security to download and use it.

Therefore, if you wish to track your child or significant other´s cellphone number, you need to download said location tool. Also, downloading the app is easy and you will only have to do it once.

The interesting thing about this program is that you can use it in Android, iPhone, and on PC.

Steps to work with Track Cellphone TR3

1) The first thing that you need to do is to log into the server to make the download correctly. Once you have completed this step, you will only have to open it, and an orange-colored window with stripes and checkboxes will appear.

2) Second, you will need to insert the prefix or the Gmail account of the desired person on the first input box. On the second input box, you will have to type the phone number to check, and then you click on “localize”.

The app will immediately begin to work during a few seconds. Then, the location of the person you are looking for will be shown.

Keep in mind that the app has a margin of error of up to one meter of the person´s location.

Now that we have reached the end, what do you think about this article? Has it worked for you? Has it been too complicated? If it hasn´t been too complicated, share it with your friends and, if you know other ways to send this information, use them and help us.

And remember, tracking a person´s cellphone without asking for their consent could get you in trouble, therefore, you need to take this matter with utmost responsibility.

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