Tracking people and cell phones

In this entry, we’re going to list the different options available, including both software and hardware, to help you track people and/or mobile phones.

Some of these would be essential for your spy kit.


Mobile phone tracking consists on making a follow-up, monitoring, intercepting and, in some cases, in recording conversations and reading text-messages from a phone device.

In the United States, it’s legal for the institutions that protect the public order to keep track of everything done by a person on their cell phone.

This is done by secretly installing of a software called StingRay, as long as the authorities have a warrant to do it. However, in some states, the police can obtain data from phones without needing one.

With spy software, information about the location of your phone can be obtained in real time. It also allows you to hear and record phone conversations, or read text messages, as well as receiving a message each time that a person makes a phone call.

However, this is isn’t the only way of tracking a phone. Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to learn the location of a person or a phone by just having to download an app.

There are even apps that are included in your phone that allow you to get this information. Some of these are:


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Rastrear Celular TR3

The Rastrear Celular TR3 app is compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad,) as well as computers. With this app, we can learn the location of a person via their mobile phone’s GPS just by having their cell phone number or their Gmail email address.

You need to download the tool just once. Register on the server. Then, insert the phone number with its country code, press “locate”, and wait for a few seconds. To use this tool, the phone that you wish to track needs to have this app installed.

Position Logic

Another app that you can download to track a phone is the app Position Logic for Android. This app is compatible with any Android phone versions 2.2 and up, GPS radio, and carrier data.

Even though Blackberry has lost a lot of market share against popular mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android (let’s remember that Windows Phone will become obsolete,) this app also has a Blackberry version.

The Position Logic for Blackberry app is compatible with phones with the Blackberry 4.6 operating system, GPS capacity and cell phone data. It is also compatible with the following operating systems: Pearl 3G, Pearl 8110, Pearl 9100, Curve 8310, Curve 8330, Curve 8350, Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Curve 930, Curve 9330, Curve 9350, Curve 9360, Curve 9370, Bold 9000, Bold 9650, Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Storm 2 9550, Tour 9630, Style 9670, Torch 9800, Torch 9810, Torch 9850, Torch 9860, Bold Touch 9900, and Bold Touch 9930.


SeekDroid is an app that has a lot to offer, and it allows you to locate a device from a website, where you’ll be able to: activate alarms with customizable messages, block the phone, obtain a list of incoming and outgoing calls, delete the information contained within the device and its SD memory card, as well as obtaining the SIM card number. For this app to work properly, the phone needs to have an internet connection.

PhoneLocator Pro

PhoneLocator Pro is an app that can be controlled via a SMS and doesn’t require the phone to be connected to the internet. Among its functionalities include: phone tracking, blocking the phone if the SIM card is swapped, wiping out the phone’s data, seeing the calls, as well as the locations where these calls were made, and activating an alarm on the phone, even if it is on silent mode. This app doesn’t have an associated website, so this app is controlled via text messages and emails.

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Prey Anti-Theft

Prey anti-theft is a free app that works in multiple operating systems. You can download it on their website to see what the different subscriptions that they offer. With this app, we can track a phone’s location and block it if it’s necessary. It also allows you to make the phone ring via a message. It is protected so that on one can uninstall it, and it is activated through a SM, or whenever the SIM card is swapped. You can use a single account to make a search for an Android device. It shows a precise location of the tracked cell phone via a GPS. It takes pictures using both the frontal and back camera of the mobile device.


WaveSecure is an app created by McAfee, which allows you to pinpoint the location of a phone, as well as block it and wipe out its information. The app costs around 20 dollars, and it occupies 2 MB of storage.


PlanB is an app created to be installed after a mobile phone has been lost. You can’t install it before losing the phone. The installation is done via the Market. This app allows us to find the location of phones via a SMS or via email. It can be downloaded for free. With this app, the GPS receptor is activated, and then it sends emails regularly with information about the location. The process lasts for a limited period of time, consisting of only 10 minutes. You need to send text messages to reactivate the tracking procedure.

Cirrus Manager

Cirrus Manager is yet another app that can be found on the Market that allows you to find lost phones. The app can be controlled through the web or via SMS.

It allows you to find the location of the device, wipe out the information in both the phone and the SD card, change many things, including the passwords, read its messages, record sounds, block the phone, make your device ring, make a call…

The app contains a lot of tools that will be really useful to you whenever you need to track your mobile phone. Some of the functionalities are free, while the rest are paid.


Spokeo teaches you to track a phone number via the internet, even though its main purpose is to track people.

It is a phone number localizer  that also allows you to see the name of the phone’s owner, the phone’s carrier, its address (this functionality doesn’t always work,) the person’s age, and the Wi-Fi’s password.

Lost Android

Lost Android works while the mobile phone is connected. With this app, you can activate the frontal camera and take a picture, as well as blocking or unlocking the device. It is an excellent tracker.

To download it, you need to enter the Google Store from any computer. Open your web browser and enter into Android Lost’s official website with your Google username.

On the control tab, you’ll be able to see the alarm and location settings. In case that the GPS is deactivated, you’ll be able to activate it with the app to observe the mobile phone’s location on a map. You’ll also be able to turn on the Wi-Fi.

Track Phone

This app uses GPS signal, Wi-Fi, and cell phone data. To be able to use it you’ll need to activate it on your phone through the website , and, with it, you’ll be able to see your phone’s last known location.

The app is free. With this app, you could also locate the phone of any of your relatives or your friends. By dialing the tracker, you’ll get the details of the phone’s location.

The app works even if the phone that is being tracked doesn’t have an internet connection or if its GPS is turned off.

A good thing about this app is that it doesn’t consume much battery. You’ll only need to install it once. The app is activated after resetting the phone. It saves all of its locations in a log. You can add up to 10 phones.

Phone Tracker

With the Phone Tracker app, you can professionally track your friends and relatives. You’ll constantly receive updates of the recorded locations with the GPS systems. You’ll be able to see the location of all of your relatives on a map. It is an ideal tool to know the location of your children.


WatchDroid. This app will send you notifications via email indicating the current location of your mobile phone, and a log of all the places where it has been. The app needs to be installed on the device that is going to be tracked. Then, it needs to be configured with your email account. You could also set the hours when the phone is going to be tracked. It needs to be connected to the internet, and the GPS needs to be turned on for the app to work.

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mSpy is an app with tons of features that allows you to keep track of the location and the places that our children visit, and all of their activity on their cell phones.

Likewise, it allows us to keep track of our relatives and employees. This software allows to keep a log of everything done on a mobile phone, be it incoming and outgoing calls, the duration of those calls, text messages, outgoing and incoming multimedia messages with their respective time and date, location of the device using the location registered on the GPS, contact list, and sent and received emails.

You could also keep track of the phone’s browsing history to know the websites accessed by it. You can block access to websites that are inappropriate for minors. Additionally, you can read the messages sent on social network apps, such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

You can monitor the photographs, videos, or any picture sent by the phone. Also, you can control the applications and programs installed on your mobile phone, to the point that you could even block access to them.

Other apps and devices to track people.

Knowing the whereabouts and the activity of a child is of vital importance to parents, since it gives them peace of mind.

Fortunately, with the newer technologies available, it is possible to see the location of children through devices and apps for cell phones. For this reason, we have decided to make a list of the options available to parents to see the location of their children and other relatives.

Trax Device

The firm Wonder technology Solutions (WTS) is the creator of this tracking device.

This system is also designed for smartphones, mobile devices, and computers. It is waterproof, and it is protected against any environmental factor. It is also resistant to falls and being hit.

It can be configured to send an alarm in case that the person exits their designated area, or if the battery is about to run out. It is small and easy to use.

The app will be available to be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Spymaster Pro

It can be installed separately on many devices, which could from your relatives, friends, or employees. With this app, you can see the exact place where the mobile phone is located, and whether that person is entering a restricted area. All of the information is sent via email.

GPS Family Tracker

This app allows you to receive alerts whenever your loved ones reach their destination. You can send messages in case of emergency. You’ll be able to check the location history of the phone from the last 2 days. It has a long range of coverage, since it works even on underground places such as parking lots.

You can establish danger zones to receive an alert in case that the people with the device enter those areas. It doesn’t require an internet connection. The device indicates you when to charge the phone. It allows you to locate lost phones.

GPS KidControl

Ideal for knowing the location of children. It is a tool that offers you security. It will indicate you when the battery is low, and it will activate an alert to remind you to charge the battery. It doesn’t always require an internet connection. If the connection is deactivated, the localizer works via using LBS coordinates.

On cellphones, an internet connection is required. You need to enable the location services.

Family Locator

Family Locator is a person localizer that allows you to keep in touch with relatives and friends to learn their location in real time. It allows you to exchange messages for free. It also has a service to let you send emergency messages. With the Family Locator tracker, you’ll receive notifications whenever your loved ones reach their destination, or when they reach high risk areas. Likewise, it shows the location history of friends and relatives.

Love Tracker – GPS Monitor Pair

Love Tracker – GPS Monitor Pair is an app for mobile devices that allows you to find out the location of your significant other. The app should be installed on two Android devices. It allows you to read text messages, as well as record calls and make a log of Facebook’s history.

GPS Bracelet Tracker for people with Alzheimer 

It is a security device for old people that suffer from this illness. It is a wristwatch with a GPS device. It also works as a phone device that only allows emergency calls.

It meets the requirements enforced by the police and the corresponding authorities. It is waterproof and shock resistant. It’s not only useful for old people, but also for children, sick people, or even prisoners. It is highly accurate, and it has a LCD screen to display the time and date. It has an assisted GPS, which includes speakers and a microphone to allow you to have a hands-free call. Additionally, it has a USB port. It has a rechargeable battery and a medication reminder. It is a device with a lot of features that is ideal for tracking people.


The GT300 is a security phone made for tracking people. It is mostly used for tracking old people or solitary workers. It has a powerful chipset. It sends reports of alerts, emergencies, and any trips done by the person. It has a storage log. It has a low energy consumption. Finally, it has internal GSM/GPS antennae, and a CE/FCC/PTCRB/GCF certificate.


VE180 is an app to track people both indoors and outdoors. It is mostly used within commercial buildings. It is a resistant camera. The VE180 normally needs more CPU than the VE150 and VE250 engines.

BUDDI Health for Adults

BUDDI Health for Adults. It is a GPS tracker for adult people. It has emergency buttons and fall prevention devices. It is a safety tool. It monitors the user’s activity. To locate the person, you need to access its website and send data each hour. It is comfortable and easy to use. It is waterproof. It has its own charger. It has a contact list to store your own contacts in case of emergency.


It is a real-time people tracker. It is used for tracking people in real-time from any part of the world. It uses GPS technology, but it can also work using antennae. What’s interesting about Wayo, and what makes it different from other technologies is that it is so accurate that it has a margin of error of just a few meters.

It can be acquired via Google Play, the application store for mobile devices. It also has a GPS tracking device.

The app can be perfectly used by your relatives. It allows you to hide your location since it is customizable, that is, that if you want to hide from someone, you can do it.

To share the location information, you’ll need to accept the invitations from friends and family. It works as a social network app. It can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store and from the iPhone’s App Store. From there, you can invite your friends and relatives. It allows you to create groups of up to 99 people.

Wayo devices are useful for tracking items, vehicles, and pets. They come in different shapes, including collar-shaped variations, and they are quite innovative.

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