Apps to add a second number to your phone

How to add a second number to your smartphone for work purposes, and stop having to carry two phones?

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Some smartphones come with a dual SIM card. Most of them, such as Apple’s iPhone, do not have this feature.

This is the reason why these apps allow you to have a free secondary virtual mobile phone number, also known as “disposable and temporary numbers.”

They require an internet connection to work since they use the VoIP protocol. They may be the best virtual phone system for small businesses since, unlike PBX, you don’t need to buy any hardware.

The secondary numbers or lines or disposable phone numbers are temporary phone numbers that can be disposed of after you use them to make either personal or work-related calls. You could use these online temporary phone numbers during a certain period of time for a special purpose. This way, you will not have to keep this number forever.

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This temporary phone number is a good option to protect your privacy, since your personal number remains hidden while you speak to strangers.

There are websites that have an online temporary phone number. These numbers are a good option to protect your privacy because they greatly help you to hide your personal number while you communicate with strangers.

There are many situations where you would prefer to use a disposable phone number instead of your original phone number. You could have this disposable phone number to answer to a Craigslist ad, for a business conference, for delicate business transactions, dates… The possibilities are infinite.

Whenever you wish to keep your personal number hidden for a period of time, there are many apps used for hiding your real phone number whenever you make calls or send text messages. There are alternative solutions to change your onscreen number or use a virtual number. Just in case, if you don’t wish to use your phone to make phone calls, you could use your computer to make anonymous, that is, your phone number won’t be revealed.


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Segundo numero en tu teléfono


Below, we will show you a compilation of the different phone apps that allow you to obtain a second phone number.

Apps for obtaining a free second phone number


1.     Sideline

SidelineappSideline is an excellent secondary phone number app for Android. Revolt against the fact that a phone cannot have more than two numbers. Give the number created on this app to any person that you don’t want to share your main phone number. You could obtain a phone number created via using your location code. This secondary phone number app is an excellent option for small businesses and job hunters.

This secondary phone number app is quite easy to use, and lets you create numbers without having any technical knowledge. You could also send text messages to people via this app with a secondary phone number anytime that you wish to keep your privacy.

Sideline uses its existing carrier network and your minutes so that your second number works wherever your cell phone has signal. Since Sideline can be trusted by its users, it is the best solution for entrepreneurs, self-employed people, and anyone who may need a secondary phone number to protect their privacy. Finally, you could use a cell phone number for work purposes, while keeping your personal number private.

  • Protects your personal number.

With two numbers in one phone, simply open the Sideline app to call or send text messages from your second number. Your personal number remains completely separate.

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  • Keep your work and personal life separate.

If you are a white-collar, blue-collar, or no-collar worker, Sideline comes with features that help you simplify your work-related communication.

  • A real phone number.

Choose a local area code (if you wish) and obtain a second number on your smartphone.

  • Reliable like no other app

Calls work with your wireless network and data (which could mean that you have unlimited minutes.) This allows you to share minutes between two lines, and brings you the same call quality as your main phone number.

  • Send text messages.

Text messages are free and unlimited. Sideline’s inbox puts all of your communications into one place.

  • Transfers your number.

You don’t need a new phone number? Number transferring allows you to move existing numbers to Sideline.

  • Separate voice mail.

Record and manage many voice mail greetings for your Sideline number.

  • Get to know who’s calling you.

Call identification, notifications, and the separate ringtones allow you to know who’s been contacting you.

  • Voice mail to text.

Get your voice messages converted into text, and read them like a text message.

  • Automatic answer.

Send automatic messages to any incoming call or message whenever you’re absent or busy.

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2.     Textfree

textfree-appTextfree allows you to enjoy free limited text messages, incoming calls, and outgoing calls for your second number. It is important to remember that you should use your free number at least once within a 30 day period, or else the company will deactivate it. You can keep your paid phone numbers for as long as you wish.


3.     Line2

Line2This is a simple app that adds a secondary phone number on Android devices. With this secondary phone number app for Android, you could make a separate number for your businesses, to use it during job hunting, etc. This app is ideal for transforming your tablet or your unused phone into devices to talk to other people without SIM. For new users, 1500 minutes to talk for free are offered to those who download the app.

The app is easy to configure, and it doesn’t have any hidden fees for using the given service. You could obtain a local number and an 800 number, or transfer any other existing number to this app as a secondary number.

  • Your own local number.
  • Unlimited calls and messages.
  • Send messages and call from your phone and tablet.
  • Separate work and personal numbers.
  • More privacy for a more and more connected world.

4.     CoverMe

coverme-appThis is one of the best secondary phone number apps for Android. This is an app rich in functions, which includes secure text messages and private calls. This app is not only used as a secondary phone number. The CoverMe app is also available for protecting phone calls and text messages. With this secure app, you can draw a clear line between your personal and commercial life without a problem.


If you hang around with secret contacts, you can keep your contact list hidden from everyone else. The app is loaded with confidential features to use it while having absolute privacy and security.


5.     iNumber

iNumbers-appThis is an internet-based phone number provider. With this temporary phone number online, you can obtain a powerful solution that will give power to your phone for work-related, commercial or personal uses. Manage your incoming calls with a simple calling configuration that allows you to route your calls as they come, or you could give instructions in real time to route the calls while they come. The individual users can easily protect their number with a variety of privacy options for your calls.

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You can choose your area code, resend the calls to any other phone separately, make personal calls, make simple pre-recorded voice messages to insert greetings, route and manage calls, make a voice mail, record the calls from each number, being able to know which phone line was calling you before answering, and many other features.


6.     TextMe Up

text-me-appTextMe Up allows you to access more than one phone number on your Android device as long as it’s needed. With a secondary phone number, you can protect yourself from anonymous calls. Add the phone number on your public contact list since it could help you protect your privacy.

The secondary phone number app for Android offers flexibility in regards to communication. The TextMe app allows you to change the secondary number whenever you need to.


1.     Burner

Burner-appWith the help of the Burner app, you can create a temporary phone number on your Android device. Just like DVD-burners record data on a DVD, this secondary phone number app for Android allows the user to record the phone number with a simple touch at any moment and at any place.

This secondary phone number app comes with a free voicemail number with the option of getting an area code. Get even more privacy for your personal phone number by using this app and the new number it provides. While you sign up, you can obtain a permanent number that gets renewed automatically every month.

To those of you who have an iPhone, this is one of the best secondary phone numbers apps available on the App Store. With this disposable phone number app, you could give out Burner numbers, make and receive voice calls and SMS messages, as well as any other phone number. Store them for a month or longer. Delete them once you are done with them.


    • Real phone numbers whenever you need them: unlike random phone number generators, voicemails use real numbers with local area codes that can be used for calls, text messages and pre-recorded voicemail messages to stay in contact with any person.
    • Control your mobile identity: manage who can contact you without compromising your personal information nor using a fake phone number that doesn’t work. Functionalities such as the touch ID blocker and the customizable line colors will keep things organized and under your control.
    • Recording to “disconnect” from everything – Keep a burner for as long as you want… or turn it off with only a single touch. Just like magic, your number will be out of service, and your data will be deleted from your phone.
  • Perfect for dates, job hunting, short-term projects, Craigslist transactions, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media, and for any other moment where you wish to be available while keeping a private line, or whenever you don’t want to give out your real number.

2.     Hushed

Hushed-appWhy give your personal number you could get a secondary phone number? Hushed is the solution that will help you avoid all of the problems regarding calling strangers and suspicious people. The secondary number app for Android offers you 20 text messages and minutes for calling right after downloading it on an Android device.

Hushed is available in over 40 countries, and text messages sent through this app are deleted automatically after being read. Use the app as your secondary phone number and make calls while also being able to send text messages. You won’t be charged for sending text messages whenever you’re sending messages to other numbers from the Hushed app.

3.     Flyp

flyp-appIt allows you to have up to six different phone numbers simultaneously on your smartphone. The first number is free, and each additional premium phone number costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, for up to five phone numbers. The Flyp app manages all your numbers, voicemails, text messages and notifications. Announced on SXSW 2015, the app is currently live on iOS’ store and on Google Play, so you can download it now if you want.

The objective of this application is making people’s lives easier, who are getting busier and busier in our current world, offering them multiple ways to contact each other and giving them different options on how to manage their flow of conversations.

How to obtain a second number to create a new WhatsApp account



We know that WhatsApp is one the best instant messaging apps in the world. It has become an essential app when it comes to staying in touch with everyone else for free.

There are a lot of ways available to install two WhatsApp accounts on your phone, but this procedure will make the installation even easier and accessible. It is essential to make sure that your Android smartphone has a stable internet connection. After that, you could follow these steps:

• First, you need to download a setup file for the GBWhatsapp Apk app.
• Once you find the link, you can download the Apk file and store it on your Android device. After that, you can install WhatsApp’s dual app on your Android device.
• For the next step, you need to find the GB WhatsApp icon on the start screen. Once you successfully install WhatsApp’s dual app on your mobile phone, you can proceed to activate your new WhatsApp account. If you experience any issues while activating this WhatsApp account, you could follow the steps given by them.
• You need to carefully dial the new mobile phone number, the second phone number from an advanced phone with dual SIM, or a second phone number that you could obtain via the SMS Receive app, which you would need to use the two WhatsApp accounts.
• Once you dial the mobile phone number, you’ll need to verify your new mobile phone number. After doing the verification, the new WhatsApp account will work like your normal WhatsApp account. Finally, you can use these two WhatsApp accounts on an Android phone.

1.     SMS Rece ive

It is a free temporary phone number provider. It offers over 25 phone numbers in many countries. This service is available for free. They add new phone numbers during a period of every 21 days. Any of these fake numbers could be used for creating a second WhatsApp account. Since this is a free service, most numbers will be taken by someone immediately after new numbers are posted.


How to obtain a second phone number to add another Telegram account



Telegram has always been the most advanced messaging platform in regards of offering the latest functionalities to its users. With the latest release of cryptocurrencies, the platform’s popularity has increased. Besides joining any of the huge number of cryptocurrency communities and news groups on Telegram, you may feel forced to join a Telegram channel to be able sign up in an ICO AirDrop.

1- Obtain a second phone number. Telegram is compatible with a lot of accounts, but it requires you to have a new number for each new account that you register. Hushed is the most used and recommended one for obtaining a second phone number.

2- Download Telegram X. Since Telegram’s iOS version is still not compatible with many accounts, you’ll have to download Telegram X and have your second account configured beforehand.

3- Register a new Telegram account on your Telegram X using your Hushed number, and choose a new username for it.

To protect your privacy while using Telegram, it is crucial to use many accounts. You could have a main account that uses your main number for friends and relatives, and an additional account that uses an alias and your second phone number to be able to join groups about cryptocurrencies, other related groups, etc.

General information

Segunda linea en tu celular



None of these secondary phone number apps need a SIM card to offer the secondary number. This means that, to use the secondary phone number app, it is possible that you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection or internet connection.

These secondary phone apps can easily give you an alternative number at your disposal. Give out a number on Craigslist, eBay, or any social dating site by using these apps. You could create a non-personal number to be used for these purposes by just using the apps to help you. Protect your personal number from people and websites that may pose a risk to your privacy and safety by using the secondary phone number apps.

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