How To Find Your Own Telcel Phone Number

Has it ever happened to you that, right after buying a new sim card for your new line, you forget the associated phone number? In this article, we will teach you how to find what your Telcel phone number is, which may be basic information, but it is quite important to know.

What frequently happens is that we almost never remember the number that we got during that instant. Be it because we were excited or distracted during that moment, we don’t memorize our new chip’s number.

You would be surprised to know that Telcel has a solution for their users for this little common problem. In fact, they offer you a series of tools to solve this little inconvenience whenever you need it. We will show you below how to do it.

In Mexico, there are a lot of phone lines. But, Telcel stands out among them. In fact, Telcel has the highest percentage of users. Telcel’s popularity may be due to how easy it is to use their phones, and because they give their users a basic guide, like the one we will show you below.

Where to find the number on your new Telcel chip

Locating the number that was assigned to you on our device will become an easy task. In three short steps, you will be able to do this. You could carry out these steps at the same time with a simple device, regardless of whether the device is yours or if it is borrowed from someone else, and regardless of the phone’s carrier. To do this, you will need to send a text message or make a call.

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It won’t take you longer than five minutes to locate your Telcel phone number. However, the service must have been activated beforehand. Just pay extra attention to the following steps that we will give you, and you will quickly find your assigned phone number from the Telcel carrier.

Find your new Telcel number while making a call

You should keep a positive balance in your device, and you need to have a phone within your reach that is already in our system. In other words, you’ll need a phone from a relative or any other available device to carry out the procedure of locating the number of your Telcel phone’s SIM card.

You just need to write down in your device the phone number of one of your relatives and then call them from your device. Then, automatically, the number of your new line will appear on the screen of the borrowed device.

Afterwards, you could save it in your contact list in order to avoid going to the trouble of having to do it each time that someone asks for your new number.

Find out your telcel number with whatsapp

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Find out your new Telcel line numbre via a text message (SMS)

Just like in the previous step, you should keep a positive balance and a device within your reach to be able to carry out this step.

  • With your Telcel phone, go to the Menu.
  • In your mobile device, search for the Text message icon.
  • Type a text message.
  • Add your relative’s phone number or the phone number of any other device that you have.
  • You could redact a short message to send it to your borrowed phone number.
  • Or you could just not type anything and leave the body of the message blank, and then press “send.”
  • Your borrowed phone number will receive this text message, which will show your phone number.
  • Memorize it or store it in either your device or in a contact list.

Use an instant message app

This procedure is quite simple. You need to have cellular data, or you could use Wi-Fi to get internet service.

  • Go to the Play Store, and download Skype, Line, or WhatsApp.
  • After installing any of the apps that were previously mentioned, use the app of your choosing or the app that’s the easiest for you to use.
  • And, by using a text message, choose one of your contacts that are already registered in your phone and who you fully trust. Then, ask them the Telcel phone number that appears on their cell phone..

You need to wait until they answer you. Once they do, store your Telcel number in a dairy, in your mobile device’s notepad app or, even better, take a screenshot of the number, and put it as your screensaver. This way, whenever you need to look for something in your cell phone, the first thing that you’ll see will be your number.

This way, you won’t have problems whenever you give out your phone number to whomever you wish. These are quite easy ways to find your new Telcel number and of any other phone carrier. But what if you don’t have positive balance in your phone?

How to find your new Telcel phone number without balance

In all the methods that were previously mentioned, you require to have a positive balance or a stable internet connection. Whenever you have negative balance, Telcel offers you two alternatives to find out how to locate your number, even if you don’t have any balance left.

With this method, you won’t need to look for a borrowed device, and you will also get to quickly have access to the system to locate your Telcel number. Below, we will show you how to do it.

Averiguar tu numero de linea telcel

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Using text messages that charge you

This method requires you to pay a fee for using you Telcel line. The cost will be charged to the number that accepts the message, which will be of $2 with taxes included. It is pricier than a conventional text message, which only costs $0.89 with taxes included. This is the fastest and quickest way, and it will only take you a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Telcel also offers you a caller and message ID service for a fee. However, this method puts a lot of restrictions to the user whenever they are outside of Mexico since, whenever they use roaming while being outside the country, they won’t be able to use it. Therefore, this option will be deactivated while you are overseas.

But relax, since, after setting foot on Mexican territory, you will be able to use this method. This ID service that was previously mentioned will be only available for Telcel customers. Users that belong to other phone carriers won’t be able to use this method.

Now, we will explain how to use this service in the following section. These steps are applicable to these two methods, but, instead of calling, a text message will be sent.

Using paid calls

This method is like using paid text messages but, instead of using instant messaging, you will need to use paid calls.

This method will also require you to pay a fee. Below, we will explain to you how to use this method, so pay attention:

  • Insert the GSM SIM, NanoSIM, or MicroSIM chip on a functioning mobile device.
  • Turn it on and wait for a few seconds until you get coverage.
  • From your borrowed mobile device, dial a Telcel number (required.)
  • Dial *033 and, afterwards, the Telcel number (in this point, you will get charged for doing the call.)
  • Press “Call” and, immediately afterwards, you will receive a message that will tell you about the paid call. This step may take a while.
  • The mobile device that receives the call will receive a notification of the number that made the paid call.
  • With the previous step, we will find the number that we needed to locate.
  • Regardless of whether we answered the call or not, our device’s balance won’t be affected since the service will be charged to the number that received the call, like a borrowed phone (in case that the borrowed phone received the call.)

How to find out your Telcel number using the PUK code

To be able to locate your Telcel number without requiring you to have any balance left, you could use the PUK and PIN code. This is a quick and effective method. We will see what this method is about. The PUK code is different than the PIN code, and it is different for each SIM CARD. Therefore, you should write it down in a safe place and remember where you stored it whenever you’re going to use it.

These codes can be found on the back side of your SIM card, which is why you should never discard this card. On the picture that appears on the bottom part of the card, you will see the location of these codes.

saber numero de telcel mediante pin o puk

With this information in hand, you will quickly and effectively locate the Telcel number that was assigned to you. You only need to check the card and write it down.

With all this information, we will be able to have access.

Steps to use the PUK code to find out your own Telcel number

    • Go to the “Settings” menu and locate “About your device.”
    • Enter to “SIM status,” and the system will ask you to dial your PUK code.
    • Keeping in mind the picture that we attached of a SIM card, dial the PUK code
    • that the system asks you. Normally, you will have to dial 8 digits exactly.
    • After dialing the previously mentioned code, and after the system has granted you access, you will be able to go to the bottom part of the menu that appears onscreen on your mobile phone, where you will see the your phone number.

We hope that this information helps you a lot, and that you’ll be able to find the number that was assigned to you by Telcel without any trouble.

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