How to see Who Blocked you on Instagram

You are highly likely to be one of the thousands of users from Instagram, the popular social network app that came to revolutionize the virtual world with its innovative functionalities that had been added throughout time.

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You probably are one of those people that spends a lot of hours per day to check the profile of your friends, acquaintances, famous people, relatives, significant others and…why not? Your ex-significant others.


how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

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You may be doing it in a friendly-manner or as a stalker, but, regardless, you have had access to accounts that are frequently used. But, suddenly, you have noticed that their posts are not appearing as often. What’s happening? Have you been blocked? Well, do not panic! Below, we will give you useful tips to verify if one of your contacts has blocked you on Instagram.

How to tell if someone blocked you on IG

To verify if our hunch is correct, there are very useful tips that you could use. Among them:

who has blocked you on instagram

1. Go to the search bar

The best thing that you could do is to go directly to Instagram’s search bar, and type the desired username to see if it appears. If that’s not the case, it is likely that they have blocked you, or that they have closed their Instagram account.

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2. Check the “Direct message” inbox

If, at any moment, you sent or received private messages to the person that you suspect that has blocked you and you didn’t delete them, go to the messages’ inbox and try to locate them. If you don’t find them, that person probably did block you.

3. Locate any old photo where that account tagged you

Try to locate among your photos any post where you tagged the other account in the past. If a message appears telling you “there aren’t any posts yet,” that means that they have blocked you on this social network app.

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4. Ask a friend to use their own account

An easy and foolproof option is to ask a close friend (one of your friends, of course, not a friend of the other person) to check from their own account the profile of the account that you think that has blocked you. By doing this, two things could happen:

– That your friend has added them as “following”, and that their profile will show up without any problem. This way, you would verify that the other person has blocked you.

– If your friend has not added the other person, they could locate them via the search bar, and their account should show up, even if it’s a private account. If this weren’t the case, there are two possible explanations: or the other account has also blocked your friend, or they closed their account.

5. Create a “fake” Instagram account

You may feel uncomfortable asking a friend to use their own account to check if someone has blocked you. There are plenty of reasons: be it because you are shy, or because you don’t want to expose your potential situation to the person that has likely restricted your access. Then, you could create a new user on Instagram, and find from the search bar the desired account.

If the account shows up with any problem, then the other person has blocked your main account. If the account doesn’t show up, then this means that the other person that you thought that had blocked you has, actually, simply decided to close their Instagram account.

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6. Enter on Instagram from any web browser in “Incognito mode”

Another option would be to use Instagram’s search bar (without being logged in on your account, of course) from any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) in incognito mode and type the account’s username that you suspect that has blocked you.

If their posts, videos, or, at the very least, the lock indicating that the account is private shows up, then the other person has blocked you. If this account doesn’t appear, the other person probably deactivated it or closed it.

7. Locate from any search engine on the web the Instagram profile’s username

A simple and quick alternative is to open our most trusted web browser and to type the username of the account that we think that has blocked us. This option is quite reliable since a lot of web platforms outside of Instagram can collect data from many social network websites, and it is possible to locate the profile that we are looking for in any of them. If you end up finding the username during your search, then it is technically a fact that you have been blocked on Instagram.

There are a lot of resources that you could use to have a definite answer once and for all. Maybe one of the most reliable social network websites in this aspect is Twitter, since, when someone blocks us, we immediately receive a notification.

This does not happen on Instagram nor on WhatsApp. So, we will need to use some strategies if we are curious to know information about someone in particular.

However, there are some very clear signs that can indicate us that someone has blocked us or restricted our access to their profile. These signs are the lack of posts from the other person on your timeline, especially if we know that said person is quite active on social network platforms.

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